New Canon XEED 4K501ST Redefines Brilliance in 4K Projection

    With built-in HDMI 2.0 port for enhanced connectivity, the new 4K501ST projector packs a punch from a compact package to deliver high resolution images with fine detail

    SINGAPORE, 11 October 2016 – Canon today announced the new XEED 4K501ST, aimed at delivering high-quality images in a compact package. The second 4K projector in its suite of 4K projectors, the XEED 4K501ST will challenge traditional boundaries of 4K projector models, delivering high luminance and striking visual definition with an output of 5000-lumens for a wide variety of applications from public movie screenings, exhibitions to showcasing design in simulation.

    Unlike hefty 4K projector models that usually weigh more than 100kg, the XEED 4K501ST weighs just 18kg and measures a compact 470 x 175 x 533.5mm, just slightly bigger than the size of a 15" laptop. Using Canon’s proprietary, high-performance image processors, high quality and life-like 4K images can be reproduced.

    “With 4K cameras growing in popularity in recent years, we hope to fulfil the demand with the new XEED 4K501ST, designed to be compact, practical and user-friendly while still providing the full features of a 4K projector. The high luminance and quality pictures would empower art museums and design simulation centers to provide their users with a more engaging visual experience,” said Hayashi Naohiko, Senior Director and General Manager for Regional ICP Sales and Marketing, Canon Singapore.

    Immersive 4K Experience
    Utilising the new 4K projection compliant wide-angle adaptive zoom lens enables the XEED 4K501ST to project up to a maximum of 600 inches without any distortion. Wider projections can be expected as the throw ratio, of between 1.0 to 1.3, is greater than typical projection lenses. With an aperture of F2.6 constant over the entire zoom range, there is minimal variation and consistency in brightness.

    With its high-definition edge blending technologies, television distortion is kept to a very low 0.12% and the sub pixel correction (SPR) feature electronically corrects colour displacement to a unit of 0.1 pixels in a specific area of the screen, so colour accuracy is ensured.

    Stunning Projections on Curved Surfaces
    The XEED 4K501ST projector supports curved face screens with a periphery focus adjustment function that corrects the curvature of the image field and has an optical correction function that is distinct from the general focus drive. The large f-number (F2.6) projection lens ensures field of depth and provides beautiful projections onto a curved surface as the f-number can be increased with the variable aperture arranged inside the illumination optical system.

    Smooth Video Capabilities
    Equipped with technologies like the new motion blur reduction (MBR) feature, the XEED 4K501ST helps deliver optimal movie performance for simulations. Characters appearing in 4K videos and movies can be reproduced clearly due to the low-delay playback feature, which suppresses the delay from input to display to about 1.0 frame (at 60Hz). These technologies help deliver optimal movie performance for simulation applications.

    Flexible Connectivity
    In terms of connectivity and support, the adoption of the HDMI 2.0 format on the XEED 4K501ST has made it possible to input 60 Hz 4K images from a Blu-ray player through a single HDMI cable, allowing seamless blending of images with minimal distortion. Security of the 4K video content is also ensured by support for HDCP 2.2, the latest encryption technology for copyright protection.

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