Arizona 1240 XT

Flatbed printing to capture the imagination

Building on its market-leading predecessor, the new Arizona 1200 series true flatbed printer offers unparalleled image quality alongside outstanding versatility across both flexible and rigid media applications.

  • High Definition Print Mode: Yes
  • Max Print Area: 250 x 308 cm
  • VariaDot imaging technology
  • Roll Media Option: Yes
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance Option: Yes
  • Light Inks or CM²: No
  • White Ink or Varnish: No
  • Max print speed (m²/hr): 35



GreenGuard Gold


Outstanding print quality

The Arizona 1200 series of printers, including the new extra-large Arizona 1240 XT, takes the industry-leading Arizona 400 series to a new level. The Arizona 1240 XT represents an excellent quality extra-large true flatbed printer designed for mid-volume sign and display producers.

The award-winning VariaDot imaging system achieves superior image quality using only CMYK inks. Benefit from an impressive blend of high quality results and low ink consumption that averages just 8ml/m2 including maintenance.

Sustained quality across all media

By enhancing the Arizona range's industry-proven true extra-large flatbed architecture, the Arizona 1240 XT delivers stunning print quality on rigid media. For added versatility, choose the integrated Roll Media Option to achieve uncompromising print quality with flexible media applications. You're assured of accurate, uniform print geometry across the entire extra-large print area thanks to Active Pixel Placement Compensation.

Breathtaking application versatility

With the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects in full colour, print service providers can capture revenue from a wide range of applications. These include standard sign and display (POP/POS, retail signage), decorative or functional printing on objects, or short-run packaging applications. An extra-large table makes almost any assignment – including large formats - easy to achieve. Enjoy the flexibility to choose media or objects of any size – up to 50.8mm thick and as large as 2.5m x 3.08m. The third-generation UV curing system ensures impressive results with even the thinnest, most heat-sensitive media.

Unique Technology

VariaDot grayscale imaging technology
VariaDot imaging technology produces ink droplets from 6 to 42 picolitres resulting in superb image detail, smooth colour transitions and vivid, uniform solid colours. Light Cyan and Light Magenta deliver the smoothest highlights and quartertones for fine art and photographic applications, or the proven CM2 ink configuration for fast and smooth production printing as demanded by sign and display applications, or White and Varnish for superb application versatility. The print sharpness and print geometry over the entire flatbed is further enhanced by actively mapping the table and adjusting the pixel placement, called Active Pixel Placement Compensation.

Options and Upgrade Path

  • Add 2 or 4 ink channels to the printer at any time (not applicable for Arizona 1280 series)
  • Add a Roll Media Option to the printer at any time
  • Add a Static Suppression Kit to the printer at any time
  • Add an Automatic Printhead Maintenance System to the printer at any time

Upgrade path:

Application of the 2-Channel Upgrade converts:

  • An Arizona 1240 GT/XT to Arizona 1260 GT/XT (adding White ink and/or Varnish capacity for backlit and non-white media applications).
  • An Arizona 1240 GT/XT to Arizona 1260 L GT/XT (adding Light Cyan and Light Magenta for near photo quality and fine-art printing).

Application of the 2 x 2-Channel Upgrade converts:

  • An Arizona 1240 GT/XT to Arizona 1280 GT/XT (adding White ink and/or Varnish capacity for backlit and non-white media applications and adding Light Cyan and Light Magenta for near photo quality and fine-art printing).
  • Adding the APMS (Automatic Printhead Maintenance System) to the printer enables quick, reliable and hands-free cleaning of a single colour in less than 25 sec or all colours in 2 to 4 min (depends on the printer version).

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