Océ ColorWave 910

Set New Speed Records for Digital Printing

The Océ ColorWave 910 printing system is one of the world’s fastest large format color printers, producing at raw speeds of over 1,000 square meters per hour. It is the ideal solution for those looking to boost their digital productivity for a wide variety of applications, including posters, maps and technical documents. Unlike traditional large format inkjet systems, the Océ ColorWave 910 can maintain maximum productivity regardless of image content, ink coverage or media type.

  • Single Pass Inkjet Technology
  • 6 roll Printer
  • Output size: 11 - 42" width
  • 5 printheads, 70,400 nozzles per printhead
  • Normal print mode speed: 18m/min
  • Enhanced print mode speed: 9m/min
  • Output: Océ Delivery Tray, Océ Dual Tray High Capacity Stacker, Este Folder 5011/5013


Productive High Volume Colour For Large Formats

Production times have always been the bottleneck when it comes to large format digital color production. The Océ ColorWave 910 delivers unprecedented print speed to a market looking to help reduce turnaround times.

The system can print at a staggering 18 linear meters per minute, regardless of image complexity, ink coverage or media type. Supporting a media width of up to 1,067 mm (42 inches) this equates to a raw speed of over 1,000 square meters per hour

Application Flexibility

The combination of speed, quality and media diversity means the Océ ColorWave 910 is perfectly suited to applications ranging from point of sale and event posters to maps and technical documents.

The system has a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi. This has resulted in high image quality combined with the ability to produce fine lines and sharp texts.

Ease Of Operation

Whether it is submitting a print job, managing the print queue or loading media and inks, the Océ ColorWave 910 requires minimal user interaction or involvement to produce high quality prints productively. A large intuitive touch screen is used to manage and simplify the production for every level of operator. Print jobs, queue management and printer status are all addressable from this user interface allowing operators to easily keep track of printing needs.

Five Things You Need To Know About This Large Format Printer

  • High volume printing speed in color or black & white with one
  • Productive system from input to output
  • Ease of use
  • Saves valuable time
  • Application flexibility

Unique Technology

Single Pass Aqueous Inkjet Technology
This achieves high-speed color printing at low costs to achieve new ways to print in industrial and commercial markets. While improving performance, this fixed-head architecture also reduces the noise, vibration, mechanical complexity and drop-firing complexity associated with traditional inkjet architectures.Using 5 color ink tanks with fixed print heads, it is ideal for a wide range of applications including CAD plots, GIS documents, business graphics and short term sales posters.

Configurations & Related


Choose your ColorWave configuration

The Océ ColorWave 910 is built to fit your needs. Choose from:
With a range of finishing options:

  • Océ Dual Tray High Capacity Stacker
  • Océ Delivery Tray with 150 sheets capacity
  • Online folders: Este Folder 5011/5013


The Océ ColorWave 910 is supported by various applications to optimize your workflow 

  • Océ Publisher Select 2
    Powerful software for easy printing of collated document sets with advanced job settings.
  • Adobe Postscript 3 / PDF / APPE file interpreter
  • Océ Account Center
    Keep track of what’s printed on your Océ ColorWave 910 with detailed information per print, including toner usage and print area.
  • Onyx Thrive Applications