Dentons Rodyk


    Canon has demonstrated exemplary after-sales support. This was one of our key considerations when making our decision. Their service engineers assigned to our firm are very proficient and knowledgeable – they are always on the ground and able to give us the support we need. Indeed, Canon has been one of our firm’s trusted partners for the past 20 years.

    Mr. Alvin Aw
    Head of Information Technology
    Dentons Rodyk

    Mr. Loh Kia Meng
    Chief Operations Officer & Partner
    Dentons Rodyk


    The Challenge

    • Sub-optimal information security
    • High costs incurred from print waste
    • Difficulty streamlining processes with multiple vendors
    • Slow printing and faxing processes

    The Solution

    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices
    • uniFLOW print management solution

    The Results

    • Strengthened information security
    • Reduced print waste and overall cost savings
    • Seamless integration of a total document solution
    • Increased employee productivity

    Dentons Rodyk is Singapore’s oldest law firm and part of the world’s largest law firm, Dentons. Founded in 1861, the firm has nearly 160 years of history, representing a diverse clientele both locally and globally.

    Operating at a high level of efficiency and excellence is critical to Dentons Rodyk’s continued success. They needed a reliable and responsive business partner that could help simplify their processes.

    With Canon’s document solutions, Dentons Rodyk began to experience a more secure document lifecycle, as well as streamlined work processes, boosting overall cost efficiency and employee productivity.

    A Need for Better Information Security

    The ability to keep confidential information secure is critical to the legal industry. With the volume of documentation ranging from personal data to deeds and contracts, information security is absolutely essential to Dentons Rodyk.

    Initially, documents sent to print could be collected by anyone without authentication, raising the risk of confidential information landing in the wrong hands. In addition to security woes, uncollected printouts also led to unnecessary costs incurred from print waste.

    Lack of Solution Integration and Productivity

    Dentons Rodyk had in years prior acquired printing devices from various vendors. The inability to seamlessly integrate the mixed fleet of devices with a single solution impacted workflow significantly.

    Coupled with slow printing and faxing processes, a large amount of time was spent on unproductive tasks. For instance, Dentons Rodyk had to assign employees to collect faxes on a routine basis before distributing them to the respective recipients, which wasted valuable time.

    Prioritising Document Security

    Dentons Rodyk implemented Canon’s document solutions that included the imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices (MFDs) and uniFLOW print management solution. With uniFLOW, Dentons Rodyk could strengthen information security by validating users at the MFDs, allowing employees to release print jobs and collect printouts securely with user authentication. The cost savings from reduced print waste was an added bonus as well.

    Embracing a Total Solution for Improved Productivity

    Switching to a single vendor helped Dentons Rodyk integrate their MFDs seamlessly, scaling up productivity significantly in the office. With Canon’s total document solution, document scanning time was reduced by 50%, and faxes were emailed directly to pre-defined recipients without time-consuming distribution. Employees are now able to access documents on-the-go and in real-time, without compromising on confidentiality.

    A collaborative feedback session helped Dentons Rodyk realise that they could automate menial tasks with Canon’s unique offerings, such as the multifunction professional puncher. This option allows employees to select various hole-punching patterns before sending documents for print, saving precious man hours through automation.

    A Partnership Built on Trust

    Dentons Rodyk needed a reliable partner that could provide exemplary after-sales service, and Canon was able to deliver excellent support with minimal downtime. Many operational bottlenecks and pain points were eliminated for Dentons Rodyk. From establishing information security to reducing print waste and boosting productivity, Canon proved itself to be a committed and trusted partner.