ML-100 EF

Equipped with a Full-Frame sensor that is able to go up to ISO4,000,000 the ML-100 EF is a camera specially built for surveillance, military and industrial applications. Enclosed in a small and lightweight mil-spec (MIL-STD 810G & MIL-STD461) chassis, the ML-100 EF is easily deployed in multiple situations.

  • High Sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • Full Color Imaging in Extreme Low Light
  • Small Lightweight Mil-Standard Body
  • CoaXPress Bayer RAW Output

High Sensitivity & Low Noise Sensor

Optimized for extremely dim situations, the ML-100 EF comes equipped with a sensor that has especially large pixels, allowing for it to shoot color imagery at ISO 4,000,000 with a minimum illumination of 0.0005 lux. With the ultra-high sensitivity, the ML-100 EF is well suited to capturing footage in ultra-low light environments.

Small & Compact Camera in a Mil-Standard Chassis

Housed in a small and tiny chassis which adheres to MIL-STD-810G and Mil-STD-461, the ML-100 EF is a camera engineered for the most demanding of environments. The camera is also rated for IP54 equivalent for the JIS/IEC protection code. Its lightweight, small size and footprint also means it will integrate easily into enclosures, drones and other infrastructure.

CoaXPress and EF Cinema Mount Configuration

The ML-100 EF comes with the following configuration:

Output Connector Output Resolution Lens Mount

Bayer RAW Output:

2152 x 1272 (Max 97FPS 8-bit)

EF Cinema Lock Mount

With the adoption of CoaXPress, Bayer RAW output is possible on the ML-100 EF. This allows for maximum video quality from the camera during post processing. Equipped with an EF Cinema Lock Mount for additional stability, the ML-100 EF is built to utilize the large family of EF lenses. 


Please refer to the table below for the specifications of the ML-100 EF alongside the rest of the other ML camera variants.

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