PlotWave 7500

Easy, Secure and Intelligent

The PlotWave 7500 is the ideal productive system for peak printing and higher volumes. Raise your productivity with first time right quality and results every time with intelligent automations, trusted technologies and an intuitive workflow that safeguards confidential information.

  • Radiant Fusing Technology
  • Virtually no warm-up time
  • Perfect for Monochrome CAD / GIS
  • True Resolution of 600 x 1200dpi with Pico Printing
  • Up to 36" Media Width and 6 rolls capacity
  • Ergonomic single footprint design


Unparalled Ease of Use

Enjoy ease of use with automated, intuitive and intelligent features at every stage of the print workflow process. Printing couldn't be made easier with accurate live previews, automatic roll switching, roll width detection and easy paper feeding. Access and print from multiple locations at your convenience, ranging from your mobile device, USB flash drive, web browser, applications to your home folder, cloud or local network. Furthermore, the closed toner system makes toner refill easy and avoids unfortunate spillage or contact.

Safeguard Your Security 

Achieve highest security levels with SMARTshield technology, designed to protect your data in all phases of the print process, now and in the future. When data is in transit, it is protected by secure, encrypted protocols. When at rest, your data is securely encrypted. These security measures have been built for the long term with software support, security updates and remote service.

Increased Productivity

Shorten lead-time with an easy, fast and smooth workflow, exceptional technologies and intelligent automated functions. Enjoy virtually no warm-up time and first time right high quality prints, scans and copies every time with Radiant Fusing and Image Logic Technology. Maximise your productivity with the POWERsync controller which provides sufficient processing power to efficiently handle multiple tasks at once. Drive higher volumes and longer runs with a temperature management system and higher media capacity designed for speed, flexibility and peak printing. Further raise your productivity with a range of fully compatible stackers and folders for a complete end-to-end solution. 


Radiant Fusing and Image Logic Technology


Radiant Fusing

Radiant Fusing Technology is an eco-friendly fusing method with instant-on machine availability and no warm-up time. Consistent and high quality prints are ensured as the toner is fused without physical contact with the media during the Radiant Fusing process. Expect shorter print time, lower energy consumption, noise and ozone.


Image Logic

Image Logic technology is an intelligent, easy-to-use solution that helps you consistently turn imperfect originals into perfect copies and scans without any hassle.



ClearConnect software suite consists of all the applications with the same user interface to manage the entire print workflow. Print and scan to the cloud from the desktop, mobile device, user panel, USB flash drive, or network with ClearConnect software suite. This helps users to save time and avoid costly misprints with easy shortcuts and live previews. 



POWERsync allows convenient and fast job processing with an open architecture that enables integration with a variety of print management applications. Enjoy lightning-fast job submission and enables you to use the submission software, drivers and control software that fit the way you work.



SMARTshield is a fully integrated printing security technology that is embedded in the total print workflow. Protect confidential data with multiple security measures designed to ensure that all your security risks in every stage of the workflow process are addressed. This allows safe submission, safe storage, authorisation, hack prevention which secures you now and in the future. 

PlotWave Series Trailer

ClearConnect Technology

SMARTshield Technology

Scanner Professional
Stacker Select
Folder Express 3011
Folder Professional 6011, integrated full fold
Folder Professional 6013, integrated full fold + reinforcement module

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