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Accelerate the digital transformation of your business with ReportNOW. You can always see the most updated data on the dashboard for a quick and clear overview of your business. Embark on the digital revolution with our readily available modules for various industries.

  • No coding required to quickly customize forms and reports
  • Get real-time updates and insights of your business anytime and anywhere
  • Subscribe to what you need and upgrade as your business expands



Save time and hassle by pre- registering your details and select your preferred date/time before you collect your goods with the vehicle management system. You do not need to spend time queuing for loading bays and security clearance can be done in a matter of seconds with the use of QR codes.

Inventory management is a crucial part of your overall supply chain, allowing you to track the acquisition, storage and selling of your goods at any time, enabling the smooth and efficient processing of orders.


The Point-Of-Sales (POS) system allows you to monitor inventory in real-time, and items can be replaced when needed, reducing the possibility of under- or over-ordering. With an integrated customer rewards program, it helps to drive sales while retaining customer loyalty.

B2B Enterprises

Customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for every business. A good CRM system enables you to keep track of your customer database, monitor sales pipelines and manage your business processes, leading to increased sales, better customer service and improved customer retention.