Canon in Asia

    Canon in Asia (outside Japan)

    Canon established a presence in Asia in 1970 when Canon opened a manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Today, Asia has become an important sales & marketing and manufacturing base for Canon with 32,000 employees and operations in 10 countries and regions including Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    Sales & Marketing

    Canon has 2 regional headquarters in Asia. Canon China serves North Asia and Canon Singapore serves South & Southeast Asia. These 2 headquarters spearhead sales and marketing activities which includes implementing integrated customer solutions, and managing Canon sales subsidiaries, representative offices and independent authorized distributors in their respective regions.


    Canon has 16 manufacturing facilities in Asia outside Japan. The manufacturing facilities manufacture a wide range of Canon products and parts ranging from optical lens to cameras, from copying machines to toner cartridges, and semiconductors.

    Company Name


    Mainland China
    Canon Dalian Business Machines, Inc. Toner cartridges, toner cartridge recycling, LBPs
    Canon Zhuhai, Inc. Compact cameras, digital cameras, LBPs, MFPs, image scanners, contact image sensors
    Guang-Dong United Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. Compact cameras
    Tianjin Canon Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of copying machines
    Canon Zhongshan Business Machines, Co., Ltd. LBPs
    Canon (Suzhou) Inc. Colour and monochrome digital copying machines
    Canon Finetech Industries Development Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of printers and business machine peripherals
    Canon Finetech (Suzhou) Business Machines Inc. Digital printers, peripherals, service parts
    Lotte Canon Co., Ltd Copying machines, facsimile machines, chemical products
    Canon Opto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Optical lens parts, digital and compact cameras, EF lenses
    Canon Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Precision components
    Canon Inc., Taiwan SLR and compact cameras, EF and other lenses, precision-metal molds
    Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd Bubble Jet printers, personal-use copying machines, multifunction facsimile machines
    Canon Engineering (Thailand) Ltd. Plastic molds, molded parts
    Canon Vietnam Co. Ltd. Bubble Jet Printers


    Research & Development

    An inventor of original technologies, Canon commits 10% of its annual sales revenue into Research & Development (R&D) and is also consistently one of the top recipients of U.S. patents.

    Asia is home to 3 of Canon's global network of 9 R&D facilities worldwide. Located in Mainland China, Philippines and India, the R&D facility in Mainland China focuses on Chinese-language processing, image processing technologies and internet-related applications. The R&D facility in Philippines specializes in the development of electronic application equipment and software, and in India, Canon develops image-processing and other software. Canon is moving towards the day when products will be developed and produced in Asia specifically for the growing Asian market.


    There are 2 procurement centers located in Hong Kong. The procurement centers sources for high quality materials, parts and products for distribution to Canon manufacturing facilities around the world.

    Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.

    Established in 1979, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. is Canon's regional headquarters for South & South East Asia. As the regional headquarters for South & Southeast Asia, Canon Singapore oversees both regional and domestic sales & marketing activities in Singapore. In the region, we cover 23 markets including subsidiaries in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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