Powered by the Océ CrystalPoint technology, the Océ ColorWave products support a wide range of applications across various industries

    SINGAPORE, 8 March 2018 – Canon announced today that the Océ CrystalPoint technology has reached a significant milestone, with 10,000 Océ ColorWave engines powered by this technology installed worldwide. Launched in 2008, the Océ CrystalPoint technology marks the birth of the Océ ColorWave portfolio – a family of versatile and productive wide format color printers.

    The Océ CrystalPoint technology brings the best of inkjet and LED toner technology to produce high quality prints, independent of media type, due to the inherent qualities of the Océ TonerPearls®. The Océ CrystalPoint technology has empowered cutting-edge print technology usage across a wide range of applications, including CAD plots, maps, and posters printed on uncoated media and recycled paper. The robust, instant dry prints are perfectly suitable for short-term outdoor use.

    "Océ CrystalPoint technology was designed to support our customers in delivering an exceptional range of creative applications through the ColorWave printer series. We are proud of the huge success that the ColorWave printer series has achieved in expanding application capabilities over the last ten years," said Pieter Kraan, Director of Regional Wide Format Printers, Canon Singapore. "By developing a printer that can produce a high volume of high-quality colour jobs with instant-dry properties that can be used in print production, customers can benefit from more time and productivity savings." 

    Empowering Océ CrystalPoint based printers
    The Océ ColorWave 500 and 700 are the third generation of Océ CrystalPoint based printers. They are designed to enable a wide range of high-quality applications, supporting print service providers, in-house or remote work-groups and central print rooms. The Océ ColorWave 500 is designed to support CAD, maps and production applications in the manufacturing, architecture, construction, design, and reprographics industries. The Océ ColorWave 700 caters for businesses requiring a higher print volume, including reprographics, sign and display print providers, and in-house printing applications in retail, point-of-sale, hospitality, education, and government. 

    Both printers feature cloud integration, multiple user support, secure workflow, optional built-in scanner and a range of integrated output options. The multi-roll setup of the Océ ColorWave 500 and 700 enables multiple jobs to be handled without the need to change rolls in-between. The convenient Océ ClearConnect software suite makes it easy to get documents wherever, whenever.

    How does Océ CrystalPoint technology work?

    A patented technology developed by Océ, the process of the Océ CrystalPoint technology is based on a Solid-In Solid-Out (SISO) toner concept, whereby Océ TonerPearls® are fed into the system, melted and transformed into a toner gel.  The gel form is jetted with precision, adhering exactly where it is applied. This technology ensures crisp print quality and sharp lines without feathering, even on economical uncoated media. The toner is crystalised immediately with no drying time required. 

    Today, the Océ CrystalPoint technology forms the core of the newest Océ ColorWave products. 10,000 Océ CrystalPoint based print engines have been installed, serving a multitude of satisfied users worldwide.

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