Canon Announces Professional 4K HDR Display that Offers Stable High-Luminance and 12G-SDI Terminals Ideal for Video Confirmation while Shooting

    SINGAPORE, 12 September 2017 – Canon today announced the launch of the DP-V2411, a 24-inch professional 4K HDR¹ reference display for the on-location confirmation of 4K HDR images. The DP-V2411 offers stable high-luminance display and features 12G-SDI terminals.

    Employing Canon's proprietary display image processor and LED direct backlight system design and an IPS LCD screen, the DP-V2411 achieves faithful color reproduction, high resolution, high contrast and high luminance to realise the accurate confirmation of 4K HDR video content.

    While a display's luminance is known to decrease when the average luminance of a video signal is increased, the DP-V2411, in addition to achieving a high brightness level of 600cd/m² (peak luminance and full-screen white luminance is also achievable²), inhibits changes in luminance that occur depending on video contents to achieve stable high-luminance performance for even more precise luminance and color confirmation of 4K HDR video when shooting on location or in a studio.

    Featuring 12G-SDI terminals (four IN and four OUT), the DP-V2411 enables the transmittance of 4K 60p footage with a single cable, which would require four cables when using a 4K display equipped with 3G-SDI terminals. By reducing the number of necessary cables, the display provides a much cheaper, lightweight, space saving option which is less time-consuming to install.

    As with current models - the DP-V3010, DP-V2410, DP-V2420 and DP-V1710, the DP-V2411 supports such Electro-Optical Transfer Functions (EOTF) as Hybrid Log-Gamma, a broadcasting HDR standard; Perceptual Quantizer (PQ), a HDR standard for film production and transfer; and Canon's proprietary log gammas - Canon Log, Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3.

    Additionally, the DP-V2411 features a multitude of convenient shooting assist functions for all HDR standards such as a waveform monitor (which displays the luminance level of input signals) and a false color function (which overlays different areas of the input images with colors demarcating the corresponding luminance levels). These shooting assist functions enable efficient confirmation of HDR images.

    1  High dynamic range refers to a technique that enhances the contrast between light and dark values (the dynamic range) of an image.
    2  When Boost On is selected, 1000cd/m² high-luminance display is possible. Luminance values are standard values when shipped and are not guaranteed.

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