Designed with the latest solid-state HLD (High Lumen Density) LED light source, the LH-WX370UST achieves brilliant 3,700 lm projection for accurate colour reproduction. Being a ultra shot-throw projector, the LH-WX370UST is capable of displaying an 80-inch image with a projection distance of 41cm, making it excellent for retail stores and design layout with limited space. The long-lasting 20,000 hours life lamp (Eco mode) reduces operational cost while the new concentrated light pass system allows a smaller chassis design that makes it both lightweight and compact.

  • Brightness: 3,700 lumens
  • Ultra Short-Throw Projection of 41cm
  • 20,000 hours life lamp (Eco mode)
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Product may not be available in all markets. Please refer to individual country and region websites and respective sales offices for product availability.