Multi-Function Shoe Adapter for Smartphone Link AD-P1

The AD-P1 integrates a compatible smartphone with cameras that support the new Multi-Function Shoe. When the AD-P1 is used in conjunction with the Mobile File Transfer* smartphone app, photographers can directly send images from camera to remote servers via mobile 5G network.

  • Seamless integration of smartphone with camera
  • Dedicated USB cable
  • Fits most smartphone sizes

Connectivity Improved

The AD-P1 utilises the Multi-Function Shoe for high speed transfer of images for supported cameras.

A smartphone can be easily attached onto the AD-P1's built-in smartphone holder. A dedicated USB cable can be used to connect the AD-P1 to the smartphone. The short design of the cable makes it easy to handle when in use.

By utilising the Multi-Function Shoe to transmit data, the digital terminal on the side of the camera is freed up for other uses.

High-speed, Reliable and Robust Connectivity

The AD-P1 is an essential accessory to realize high speed transfer of images from camera to remote servers using the Mobile File Transfer application feature supported by compatible cameras.

With mobile 5G network, photographers can perform transfer to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers even in locations where Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity is not available.

1 Supports Android smartphone with a width of 60-80mm, some smartphones may not be supported due to the shape and button layout. Foldable/collpasible smartphones cannot be attached.

2 iOS smartphones are not supported

3 Smartphone without USB host function are not compatible. Check with smartphone manufacturer for USB host functions.
* Mobile File Transfer smartphone application only supports selected camera models.

Compatible Software