Canon Unveils Three New LCD Panel Projectors with Long-Life Lamps
    The latest models lower cost of maintenance for users through less frequent lamp replacement

    SINGAPORE, 9 July 2019 – Canon raises the bar of high-performance projection by adding three new models with LCD panels to its LV Projector series. Each of the three new LCD models — the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 — features a newly designed, long-life lamp with a lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours in Eco mode operation, twice the capacity of other comparable projectors.

    These new LCD projectors are among the most in-demand machines for daily use — from corporate meetings and other professional occasions, to a range of educational setups such as classroom lectures and workshop demonstrations. It is also commonly used in digital signages for retail outlets, to meet a wider and more diverse range of customer requirements.

    New microlenses1on the RGB LCD panels of both the LV-WU360 and the LV-WX370 models enable the use of a 3-primary-colour LCD shutter projection method that results in improved light-use efficiency and greater brightness. In terms of brightness, the LV-WU360 (1920 x 1200 pixel resolution) achieves 3,600lm, while the LV-WX370 (1280 x 800) achieves 3,700lm and the LV-X350 (1024 x 768) achieves 3,500lm.

    The new LCD projectors also come equipped with improved colour balance of projected light, resulting in bright and vivid image projection. All three projectors are also equipped with an Auto-Keystone function that automatically corrects distortions in projected images.

    With improvements to the drive system, the long-life lamps in the three new LCD models offer 20,000 hours in Eco Mode, and 10,000 hours of lamp hours in normal operation mode. This means less frequent lamp replacements, and ultimately lower cost of maintenance for users.

    On top of overall projection efficiency, the three new projectors are also highly portable and lightweight, with dimensions of 345 mm (W) x 99 mm (H) x 261 mm (D). The LV-X350 and the LV-WX370 weigh approximately 3.2kg, while the LV-WU360 weighs approximately 3.3kg.

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    1 not available on LV-X350