SINGAPORE, 02 April 2018 – Canon today announced the launch of three¹ new portable 4K broadcast lenses for use with 4K broadcast cameras employing 2/3-inch sensors, the CJ24ex7.5B, CJ14ex4.3B and CJ18ex7.6B. 

    Complementing the existing UHDxs² series of 4K portable broadcast lenses that emphasize optical performance, the three lenses in the newly launched UHDgc series prioritize high maneuverability while also delivering the same operability as Canon's portable zoom lenses for HD broadcast cameras. Each lens features 4K optical performance while maintaining a compact and lightweight design, which users will appreciate when shooting outdoors to meet a wide range of video productions such as documentaries, events and news coverage. 

    The CJ24ex7.5B, CJ14ex4.3B and CJ18ex7.6B employ a proprietary optical design technology that features optimal lens positioning and makes use of fluorite and Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) glass to achieve 4K optical performance across the entire zoom range. All three lenses support both the color gamut defined by ITU-R BT.2020 broadcasting standards³ and broadcast cameras' capability for chromatic aberration correction thus delivering high quality 4K images. 

    In addition to delivering 4K-quality optical performance, with a compact design4 and light weight comparable to lenses paired with HD broadcast cameras, the CJ24ex7.5B, CJ14ex4.3B and CJ18ex7.6B offer users a high level of functionality, mobility and ease of handling when shooting on the move. 

    The CJ24ex7.5B will be available in July 2018, CJ14ex4.3B will be available in September 2018 and CJ18ex7.6B will be available in December 2018. 

    1 Each model is available in two configurations: an IASE S model that incorporates an internal focusing motor and a manual-focus-type IRSE S model.
    2 Includes such models as the CJ12ex4.3B (released in February 2016) and the CJ20ex7.8B (released in June 2016).
    3 Next-generation broadcasting standards recommended by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
    4 The CJ24ex7.5B measures approximately 164.6mm (W) x 109.1mm (H) x 221.4mm (L) and weighs approximately 1.82kg (IRSE S model), the CJ14ex4.3B measures approximately 163.5mm (W) x 108mm (H) x 247.8mm (L) and weighs approximately 2.11kg (IRSE S model) and the CJ18ex7.6B measures approximately 160.5mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 206.2mm (L) and weighs approximately 1.65kg (IRSE S model).

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