Canon XEED 4K501ST LCOS Projector is designed to deliver high luminance and striking visual definition with an output of 5000-lumens for a wide variety of applications from public movie screenings, exhibitions to showcasing design in simulation. Delivering lifelike 4K resolution, it combines Canon's LCOS Technology with AISYS-enhancement, as well as advanced Genuine Canon optics to exceed demanding precision and detail. All these, crafted in a compact and lightweight design that is easy to operate, and adaptable in any space.

  • Lens shift models with short-throw non-interchangeable lens
  • 5000 Lumens, 4K resolution (4096 x 2400 pixels)


Immersive 4K Experience

With the new 4K wide zoom lens, the XEED 4K501ST is able to project up to 600 inches without distortion. Wider projections can be expected as the throw ratio of between 1.0 to 1.3 is greater than typical projection lenses. With a constant F2.6 aperture over the entire zoom range, easy installation and repositioning is possible without having to adjust the ambient light.

Stunning Projections on Curved Surfaces

The XEED 4K501ST projector supports curved face screens with a periphery focus adjustment function that corrects the curvature of the image field and has an optical correction function that is distinct from the general focus drive. The large f-number (F2.6) projection lens ensures field of depth and provides beautiful projections onto a curved surface as the f-number can be increased with the variable aperture arranged inside the illumination optical system.

Smooth Video Capabilities

Equipped with technologies like the new motion blur reduction (MBR) feature, the XEED 4K501ST helps deliver optimal movie performance for simulations. Characters appearing in 4K videos and movies can be reproduced clearly due to the low-delay playback feature, which suppresses the delay from input to display to about 1.0 frame (at 60Hz). These technologies help deliver optimal movie performance for simulation applications.
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