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18 Jan 2007

    About Panasonic Oxyride Dry Cell Batteries

    Panasonic Oxyride dry cell batteries when used with certain EOS camera accessories may overheat or exhibit abnormal behavior because the batteries are set to a higher initial voltage than alkaline dry cell batteries. These batteries on sale from 1 April 2004 are made by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd and sold under the Panasonic brand.

    We recommend the use of alkaline batteries for these products instead.

    Accessories which may be affected:

    EOS camera accessoriesPower Drive BoosterE1 and PB-E2 (when used with EOS-1)
    Battery PackBP-E1, BP-50, BP-8, BP-200, BP-220, and BP-300
    Compact Battery PackE
    Wireless ControllerLC-3 and LC-4
    Speedlite (flash)*420EZ, 300EZ, 430EZ, and ML-3

    * For Speedlite flashes, other than those models listed above, continuously firing the flash could cause Oxyride batteries to overheat, which could cause deformation of the Speedlite unit. As such, do limit consecutive flashes to 20 times, and if the flash has been fired 20 times consecutively, give it at least 10 minutes to cool down.

    Should you have any queries on the above, please contact your nearest Canon Service Center.

    Trademarks: "Panasonic" and "Oxyride" Dry Cell Batteries are registered trademarks of Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd.