As a professional photographer, you demand the finest of yourself and your equipment. PIXMA Pro translates that, tangibly. Built for colour, accuracy and longevity, bring your work to life with the best.



Chroma Optimizer* complements the characteristics of pigment ink by reducing the difference in ink droplet height to form a flat and smooth coated layer. The result is evenly reflected light that reduces gloss unevenness, deeper blacks, heightened colour density and reduced metamerism. ​
​​*Only applicable to PRO-500 and PRO-10.


The LUCIA PRO Ink System* is the next generation in archival grade pigment ink formulation. The inclusion of four monochrome inks – Matte Black, Photo Black, Gray, and Photo Gray deliver enhanced black density and detailed shadows in darker areas. Reds and blues are heightened with the use of dedicated Red and Blue inks, while Matte Black and Photo Black inks have their own dedicated channels, eliminating the need for switching when changing media types. ​​​

*Only applicable to PRO-500.


Print Studio Pro v2.0 assists the print process following post-editing work in applications like Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional. With this solution, image data can be transferred seamlessly to the printer while retaining original image characteristics, thanks to a 16-bit processing engine. The printing workflow is highly streamlined, keeping productivity at optimal levels by maintaining a familiar user interface that offers immense ease of use, ensuring a superior user experience from shoot, post-editing, to print.​


Supports professional photo printing on Fine Art as well as Glossy Photo Papers, optimising the unique finishing properties of different media types to create endless possibilities for photo expression. For expanded specialty media selection please click ​here.


The Canon L-COA PRO*, combined with an internal 1GB of memory, enables high-speed processing of massive volumes of image data for demanding workflows. This powerful processor is combined with the Optimum Image Generating (OIG) System, first introduced in the PIXMA PRO-1. The OIG system is underpinned by a sophisticated ink balancing system based on Canon's expertise in imaging technology, as well as the familiar colours of life that people see and remember on a daily basis. These cutting-edge technologies result in superior colour reproduction, smooth tonal gradations, and uniform glossiness unmatched by any conventional inkjet printing system. ​
​​​*Only applicable to PRO-500.


Canon's Quick Utility Toolbox offers you hassle-free access to supporting utilities and settings. Supports both single and multiple printers.


Accounting Manager* tool is ideal for businesses looking to track printing costs, based on the cost of media and ink. ​
​​​*Only applicable to PRO-500.


This tutorial mainly explains how to use Print Studio Pro, a software package dedicated to the PIXMA PRO series, along with its history, course of development, and its range of settings over three sections.

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