Canon’s CMOS Sensor Powers 5MP Global Shutter Camera Developed by Shanghai HQ-VISION

Canon is working with our distributor, Shanghai HQ-VISION Technologies Co., Ltd  on their development of 5MP Global shutter Camera1.The U3-A0500M/C/CIR-60 AREA U3 CAMERA and CX-A0500M/C/CIR-105 AREA CXP CAMERA  incorporates Canon’s CMOS sensors such as LI5020SAC(RGB), LI5020SAM(Monochrome), and LI5020SAI(RGB + IR) in the production of the machine vision camera. Along with USB3.0 interface output, CoaXPress interface is provided to achieve high frame rate.[1] 3rd party device distributed by Shanghai HQ-VISION Technologies Co., Ltd

  CoaXPress Camera USB3.0 Camera
Model & Filter Type RGB: CX-A0500C-105
Monochrome: CX-A0500M-105
RGB-NIR: CX-A0500CIR-105
RGB: U3-A0500C-60
Monochrome: U3-A0500M-60
RGB-NIR: U3-A0500CIR-60
Sensor Size 2/3” 2/3”
Dynamic Range 73.2dB 73.2dB
Saturation 7,000e – Frame Rate Priority Mode 7,000e – Frame Rate Priority Mode
Pixel Size 3.4µm 3.4µm
Effective Pixels 2592 x 2056
(Horizontal xVertical)
2592 x 2056
(Horizontal xVertical)
Lens Mount C mount C mount
Data Format 8/10/12bit 8/12bit
Max framerate 105 60
Interface CoaXPress – V1.1.1 CXP3, CXP5 or CXP6 USB3.0 Micro-B
Power Supply PoCXP -
Weight <200g 100g
Dimensions 38 x 38 x 55mm 38 x 38 x 49mm

Global Shutter for Accurate Image Capture
For industrial applications that involve shooting subjects moving at high speeds, the slight difference in sensor readout time can result in subjects becoming distorted. This occurs when a CMOS sensor that employs a rolling shutter is used, as it exposes pixels row by row. The UA-A0500M/C/CIR-60 AREA U3 CAMERA and CX-A0500M/C/CIR-105 AREA CXP CAMERA allows for accurate image capture of subjects moving at high speeds.

Specialized RGB-NIR Pixel Filter Array
By replacing one of the green filters on a standard colour CMOS sensor with a Near Infra-Red (NIR) filter, image processing from this sensor allows for the separation of visible and NIR spectrums. Near-infrared images can be used to detect internal foreignobject, and highlight printing errors on the surface of packages.

About Shanghai HQ-VISION Technologies Co., Ltd. 
HQ-VISION was founded in 2012, focusing on the machine vision industry. The key members of the company have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. HQ-VISION founded the vision components R&D center (Intelligent Imaging (Beijing) Science and Technology Ltd) in Beijing and System Integration center in Nanjing in 2017.  During 3 years of development, many products become popular in the industry. HQ-VISION aims to be the total solution provider to the customer.

Shanghai HQ-VISION Technology CO., Ltd.

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Address     Room 303, Building No.35, Lane 2777 East Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China.

*1 3rd party device distributed by Shanghai HQ-VISION Technologies Co., Ltd

5MP Global Shutter Camera

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