LI5020SAM (Monochrome)

5MP Global Shutter CMOS Sensor

With an electronic shutter and all pixel progressive readout of 120 fps, the 5MP CMOS sensor (LI5010 / LI5020) offers fast, enables the capture of distortion-free images even when shooting fast-moving objects. In a 2/3″ format, proprietary pixel designs with low power consumption and enhanced sensitivity further improve performance.

  • Enhanced Near-Infrared Sensitivity 5MP GS CMOS sensor
  • 3.4μm square pixel
  • Full area readout: 120fps


Global Shutter Function

Adopts a global shutter that exposes all pixels simultaneously. This allows for the accurate image capture of even subjects moving at high speeds, making the sensors ideal for cameras performing such tasks as inspecting parts on factory conveyor belts.

High Frame Rate / Low Power Consumption

Using a high frame rate would lead to increased electricity consumption. However, through proprietary Canon circuit technology, the sensors achieve low energy consumption.

New Pixel Design

Available in monochrome (LI5020SAM), colour (LI5020SAC), and a specialized RGB-NIR colour filter array (LI5020SAI).

Global shutter image sensor employs a new pixel design introducing new drive readout and light guiding technologies significantly expanding the full well capacity, reducing noise.

Comparison of Rolling Shutter and Global Shutter

For industrial applications that involve shooting subjects moving at high speeds, when using a CMOS sensor that employs a rolling shutter, which exposes pixels row by row, the slight difference in sensor readout time can result in subjects becoming distorted. The global shutter, which exposes all pixels on the sensor simultaneously, this allows for the accurate image capture of even subjects moving at high speeds.

Functional Block Diagram

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