LI7050SAC ISP Evaluation Kit - CMOS Image Sensors - Canon South & Southeast Asia


    How It Works

    LI7050SAC for low-light environment 
    The newly developed CMOS sensor LI7050 has excellent low-noise characteristics and achieves a minimum object illumination of 0.08lx and a dynamic range of 75dB.

    Use as a start toward full camera system customization
    THine Solutions design tools – Camera Development Kit(CDK) can support full camera system customization including changes to the Camera image sensor, Camera lens, and ISP firmware.

    LI7050SAC - CMOS Image Sensor

    The newly developed LI7050 CMOS sensor, even during normal drive operation,  can achieve a dynamic range of 75 dB, greater than that of image sensors used in conventional digital.

    THP7312 - THine Electronics ISP

    The THP7312, a high-performance image processing ISPdesigned by THine Electronics, is capable of high-speedimage processing using a dedicated pipelined engine. Awide variety of image processing functions make it possibleto maximize the performance of Canon image sensor.

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