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    2.1MP HDR

    High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor

    The newly developed LI7050 CMOS sensor is equipped with an HDR drive function that realizes a wide dynamic range of 120dB at low noise levels. Even during normal drive operation, the sensor can achieve dynamic range of 75dB - greater than that of image sensors used in conventional digital.

    Pixel Design

    RGB: LI7050SAC

    Approx. 2.1 MP

    1,936 x 1,096 pixels

    4.1µm x 4.1µm pixels


    Excellent Low Light Shooting Performance

    0.08 lx (F=1.4, 1/60[s], S/N=1) (Normal mode)

    MIPI CSI-2 interface

    A standardized interface ensures board applications

    High Dynamic Range(HDR)

    Light is detected simultaneously in both bright and dark fields
    Normal 75dB, HDR drive mode 120dB


    • Surveillance Camera

    2MP CMOS Image Sensor Technical Specifications

    Model LI7050SAC
    Filter Type RGB
    Optical Size Approx. 1/1.8 inch (FHD)
    Effective Pixel 1,936 x 1,096 (2.1MP)
    Pixel Size 4.1μm × 4.1μm
    Shutter Type RS
    Dynamic Range 75dB
    120dB (HDR)
    Saturation 13,000(fd-inc off)
    30,000(fd-inc on)
    Sensitivity (e/lx/sec) 54,000 (Green)
    Frame Rate 60fps
    30fps (HDR)
    Output MIPI-CSI2 12bit 4lane
    Output 576 Mbps/ 648 Mbps(max)
    Supply Voltage 3.3V, 1.8V, 1.2V
    Operation Temperature TBD 
    PKG Type Ceramic LGA
    PKG Size 16.9mm x 13.2mm x 2.74mm

    Note: The contents of this specification are subject to change without notice.

    LI7050SAC ISP Evaluation Kit


    The ISP Evaluation Kit for LI7050 is an evaluation kit for Canon’s LI7050 CMOS image sensor, which uses the THP7312 provided by THine Electronics Inc. as the image signal processing (ISP) unit.


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