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Canon eMaintenance (eM) is a service that manages your devices, reducing your administrative burden and improving machine uptime for maximum productivity. Canon monitors the status of your devices via a simple and secure connection, so you can focus on your business knowing that your devices will always be in excellent functionality to help you deliver the competitive edge.

eMaintenance Features

Toner On-Demand

eMaintenance includes consumables management to assist with order planning and stock control. That means you never have to run out of toner, nor do you have to stockpile to avoid running low.

Automatic Counter Reading

eMaintenance automatically reports the counter readings, eliminating the need for a visit from us or you having to manually check and report your readings. Auto reporting means less administration and timely accurate billing.

Maximising Up-Time

eMaintenance detects when a critical technical fault occurs, or when any devices is not performing up to standard, so timely support can be swiftly arranged. Resulting in Canon devices are kept in tip-top condition to maximise up time.

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnostics can be performed remotely to monitor the status, workload and usage pattern for each device. This allows Canon backend or authorised partners to gather the necessary information for planning and servicing the device when required. 

Firmware Updates

The eMaintenance system allows scheduling of firmware updates for your fleet of CDS supported Canon devices to be updated in tandem. Scheduled updates can be arranged to take place during off-peak hours to further reduce interruptions. 

Connection Methods to eMaintenance

Embedded Remote Diagnostic System (eRDS)

eRDS is a monitoring program embedded in the device and runs on the device itself. When enabled, eRDS obtains its own device management information and sends it to the eM system.

No additional equipment setup required. Simplest and direct. 

Remote Diagnostic System MEAP SMTP (RDS MEAP)

RDS MEAP connection is an additional method to obtain its own device management information and sends it to the eM system via SMTP.

This requires an additional MEAP installation into the device.

Data Collection Agent (CDCA)

CDCA connection is a PC-installed agent that is installed on a general-purpose PC. It monitors up to 1000 devices and sends device management information to the eM system.

Suitable for large fleet with central management interface.

Secure Data Transfer

The eMaintenance service is to help you manage your Canon products. To ensure device management information are securely handled, policies such as “Confidentiality”, “Integrity” and “Availability” protect the data content (asset). The backend eM system authenticates and controls access to protected asset information for appropriate devices and users, and authorization server functionality in OAuth 2.0 allows detailed segregation of permissions and authority for the services and scope of protected asset information.

Furthermore, only device related information is communicated, such as counter information, toner status, alarms, device firmware and etc.

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