Common Malfunctions - Canon Asia Traveller Protection Programme (ATPP) - Canon South & Southeast Asia

    What causes malfunctions?

    Shooting conditions and environment
    External forces
    Water damage
    Power usage of components
    Accessories used (battery pack, lens, flashes etc.)
    Static electricity
    Other unknown factors

    What types of malfunctions are encountered during travel?


    • Failure to focus
    • Focusing is not sensitive
    • Zoom is not smooth
    • AF inaccuracy
    • Dust settles on the lens’ interior
    • Blurred shots

    Memory Card

    • Memory card pins are bent
    • Memory card pins need to be checked
    • Memory card “BUSY” is displayed
    • Incomplete Memory card pins
    • After shooting and playback, screen does not show display until battery is removed

    Digital Camera

    • Lens error
    • Camera does not start up
    • LCD appears blurred or has bright spots
    • Lens iris does not open
    • Flash does not fire sometimes


    • Power depletes fast
    • Frequent low battery prompt
    • Failure to charge - indicator turns green after charging for a few minutes, indicates battery is depleted after battery is inserted

    EOS Camera

    • Shutter button cannot be pressed
    • Bright dots appear on the CMOS sensor
    • Dust settles on the CMOS sensor, needs cleaning
    • LCD display is blurred, blank or has banding
    • LCD has bright dots
    • LCD leaks light
    • LCD flickers when rotated
    • Flash does not fire sometimes
    • External flash does not fire
    • Defective flash synchronization
    • Camera fails to autofocus
    • Camera does not start up
    • Shots are blurred
    • Firmware updates