How the Process Works - Canon Asia Traveller Protection Programme (ATPP) - Canon South & Southeast Asia

    How do you enjoy the benefits of the ATPP?

    1. Purchase

    Purchase Canon products distributed by Canon through official channels*.

    2. Register

    Log on to your local Canon official website and register for warranty.

    3. Travel Overseas

    Your camera breaks down while travelling in one of the 15 ATPP countries and regions in Asia Pacific.

    4. Local Repair

    Visit the local authorised Canon service centre for repair and retain all necessary proofs and receipts. You can locate a service centre through Canon’s official website.

    5. Contact Canon Upon Your Return

    Contact your local Canon office for reimbursement matters on repair services and submit your proof/s of repair to your nearest/designated Canon Service Centre. Contact details can be found on your warranty card.

    6. Reimbursement for Repair

    Contact your local  Canon office for reimbursement method details**. Exchange rate is determined by the service centre.


    * Products purchased in Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand are not eligible for ATPP privileges.
    ** Proof submission method may differ between countries and regions.