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    CAP Use Cases: e-Commerce

    This example is of a company that developed a system to automatically take product images using CAP. With features such as automatic background cropping, it can efficiently take large numbers of high-quality photos for e-commerce site listings.

    Automatic Photo System for e-Commerce

    Using a special photo studio box, it automates steps from taking 360-degree photos of products to cropping backgrounds. 

    Used Car Photo System

    It uses a turntable and cameras set at multiple angles to quickly and efficiently take photos of used cars from all around.

    As the e-commerce industry grows rapidly, more and more products must be posted. Various issues have come to light, such as the strain on day-to-day business from photographing and editing work and decrease in profits due to outsourcing. Sellers want to build systems that let anyone easily photograph products without much up-front investment.

    CAP can be utilized to enable remote control of camera photography, settings and more from the app. Utilizing the Auto functions, anyone can easily configure shooting settings. Users can also select a camera from the wide-ranging lineup to fit their budgets, but whichever model they choose, they will be able to faithfully capture their products with Canon’s outstanding image quality.

    Key Development Needs, and How We Address Them

    Key Development Need #1

    Take photos efficiently in short time

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #1

    Full-featured and easily configurable auto functions

    Key Development Need #2

    Consistent quality regardless of operator

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #2

    Faithfully reproduce product features with high image quality

    Key Development Need #3

    Build a low-cost system in-house

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #3

    A range of supported models that can fit any budget