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    CAP Use Cases


    This example is of a company that developed a system to automatically take product images using CAP. With features such as automatic background cropping, it can efficiently take large numbers of high-quality photos for e-commerce site listings.

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    Photo Booths

    CAP has been utilized in a wide range of photo booth markets, from print sticker machines and party photos to official ID photos. In addition to traditional printing services, it is showing expansion with smartphone transfer and other services.

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    Medical/Health Care

    Canon cameras, known for their image quality, are frequently used in diagnostic applications in the medical and health care fields. They can be combined with a wide range of accessories to develop systems according to examination and diagnostic needs.

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    3D Modeling

    This is a simultaneous photo system developed by a company that combines multiple cameras set at many angles. It is used to produce games and video with outstanding realism using high-definition 3D data.

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    These systems apply the image quality cultivated by EOS to industrial fields that demand accurate and faithful image processing technologies. Outstanding camera performance combined with a variety of lens systems enables flexible development for any purpose.

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