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    CAP Use Cases: 3D Modeling

    This is a simultaneous photo system developed by a company that combines multiple cameras set at many angles. It is used to produce games and video with outstanding realism using high-definition 3D data.

    Game movie 3D modelling data production system
    Game/movie 3D Modeling Data Production System

    A real soccer game developed using 3D modeling generated from live-action data and more. 

    Systems that generate realistic 3D data require multiple high-definition input devices, and output quality and installation costs can be major issues. Plus, generating data in a short time and at low cost depends on how flexibly a system can be built according to production purposes.

    This system employs high-quality, high-performance cameras from the long-standing industry leader as the input devices to assist with the generation of realistic 3D data. The combination of compact and lightweight entry-level cameras keeps installation costs down and allows for greater freedom in installation. A wide variety of lenses and accessories can also be added to build a flexible system that meets development objectives.

    Key Development Needs, and How We Address Them

    Key Development Need #1

    Pursue the most realistic images possible.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #1

    High-resolution data generated through photography technologies.

    Key Development Need #2

    Keep development costs as low as possible.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #2

    Systems can be built using a combination of inexpensive cameras.

    Key Development Need #3

    Use multiple compact & lightweight cameras.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #3

    A variety of lenses can be selected to fit production purposes.