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    CAP Use Cases: Photo Booths

    CAP has been utilized in a wide range of photo booth markets, from print sticker machines and party photos to official ID photos. In addition to traditional printing services, it is showing expansion with smartphone transfer and other services.

    Fixed Print Sticker Machines

    Fixed Print Sticker Machines

    Integrated cameras and printers for photo sticker printing booths.

    Rental Photo Booths for Events

    Rental Photo Booths for Events

    Easily portable photo booths with integrated cameras and printers.

    ID Photo Boxes

    ID Photo Boxes

    These are installed at train stations, airports, and shopping centers to take various types of ID photos.

    Event Photography Service

    Event Photography Service

    Printless photo booths can transfer images directly to users’ smartphones.

    In the fiercely competitive photo booth business, the key to success is standing out from competitors. That’s why providing a truly satisfying service to customers requires development of a printing service that’s more impressive and offers greater freedom in editing and processing.

    In the photo booth business, images are frequently processed and edited, so the input in terms of photographs must be of high quality. Canon completely understands all aspects of digital photography from input to output, and our cameras are an attractive choice for their core performance in photographing human skin with natural and healthy tones. They also offer excellent compatibility with development software, helping to make system development more flexible.

    Key Development Needs, and How We Address Them

    Key Development Need #1

    Take photos with impressive colours.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #1

    Skin tones beautifully depicted with impressive colour reproduction.

    Key Development Need #2

    Print photos just as imagined.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #2

    Prints that look just as you imagined with good matching.

    Key Development Need #3

    Customize images to stand out.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #3

    High compatibility with photo booth development software.