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    CAP Use Cases: Medical/Health Care

    Canon cameras, known for their image quality, are frequently used in diagnostic applications in the medical and health care fields. They can be combined with a wide range of accessories to develop systems according to examination and diagnostic needs.

    Skin Diagnostic Auto Photo System

    Skin Diagnostic Auto Photo System

    This skin diagnostic system for medical and beauty clinics automatically photographs patients’ faces form multiple angles.

    Skin Diagnostic Consulting App

    Skin Diagnostic Consulting App

    This consulting tool can share diagnostic images with patients using a special app.

    Fundus Camera

    An examination device that photographs the rear of the eye behind the pupil to examine fundus blood vessels, retina, and optic nerves.

    Informed consent has become an established concept in the medical world, and practitioners and patients need to be able to share information such as details on medical issues and procedures. That means systems must be constructed that can correctly and realistically photograph patients’ problem areas and share information with patients quickly.

    The premium image quality developed over many years as a camera manufacturer is used to clearly and accurately capture problem areas. Even in environments with low lighting, bright images can be taken by incorporating an external strobe into the system. The system can also flexibly respond to changing medical and health care development needs through the use of CCAPI, including wireless image transfer.

    Key Development Needs, and How We Address Them

    Key Development Need #1

    Take accurate and lifelike images of problem areas.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #1

    Image quality for realistic photos of human skin.

    Key Development Need #2

    Take bright images using strobes, etc.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #2

    System scalability allowing attachment of external strobes.

    Key Development Need #3

    Transfer photographed images quickly.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #3

    CCAPI that can meet diversifying needs.