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    CAP Use Cases: Industry

    These systems apply the image quality cultivated by EOS to industrial fields that demand accurate and faithful image processing technologies. Outstanding camera performance combined with a variety of lens systems enables flexible development for any purpose.

    Leather Cutting Machine

    Leather Cutting Machine

    This machine uses image analysis to detect flaws and wrinkles in leather and produce higher yields.

    Wind Turbine Inspection System

    Wind Turbine Inspection System

    This system uses a telephoto lens to take images of inspection areas that cannot be viewed directly.

    Street Light Inspection System

    Street Light Inspection System

    This system uses high-sensitivity sensors that work better in dark areas and are more reliable than visual inspection.

    Construction Site Remote Monitoring System

    Construction Site Remote Monitoring System

    This system uses images and time-lapse video to enable remote confirmation of construction status.

    Visual inspection has its limits, and in addition to omissions, mistakes in inspections and other human error, there are other issues including securing personnel and eliminating downtime. Automation of inspection and monitoring systems is required by a wide range of industries.

    High-quality, high-sensitivity cameras are used for inspection and monitoring in dark places of for details that are difficult for human eyes to detect. The cameras feature a full range of automated functions and can change settings automatically when there are changes in target objects or brightness. It is also easy to change lenses for different types of inspections, such as wide-angle lenses for broad areas or telephoto lenses for large images of faraway targets, allowing users to construct systems flexibly according to needs.

    Key Development Needs, and How We Address Them

    Key Development Need #1

    Conduct checks to the finest details.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #1

    High resolution that enables checks to the finest details.

    Key Development Need #2

    Check hard-to-see places & objects.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #2

    High sensitivity for checks even in low light.

    Key Development Need #3

    Confirm from remote locations.

    Canon's Answer to Key Development Need #3

    Interchangeable lenses can be selected according to subjects.