7x10.7 KAS S

The 7x10.7 KAS S covers a focal length range from 10.7 mm to 75 mm, making it the one of the world’s first* portable zoom lens for 8K broadcast cameras to offer a 7x zoom ratio. The lens achieves resolution and contrast from the center to the periphery of the image to support 8K broadcast cameras while maintaining similar handling to existing portable zoom lenses for 4K cameras that employ 2/3-inch sensors.

The lens maintains the manoeuvrability demanded of broadcast equipment for scenarios such as shoulder-mounted shooting or transporting equipment to meet a variety of video production needs, from documentary shooting and video shooting for different events to broadcasting applications.
*Among portable zoom lenses for 8K broadcast cameras employing 1.25-inch sensors. As of November 6, 2019, based on a Canon survey

  • 7x Zoom Ratio
  • Focal Length 10.7– 75mm
  • MOD 0.55m
  • Approximate Weight 3.09kg
Product may not be available in all markets. Please refer to individual country and region websites and respective sales offices for product availability.