4K broadcast cameras with class-leading wide-angle focal length of 4.3mm and maximum zoom of 15x

Delivering high optical performance characteristic of the UHDxs series, the CJ15ex4.3B realizes a class-leading widest focal length of 4.3 mm and highest zoom ratio of 15x, making it ideal for producing high-quality, immersive video in a wide variety of scenarios including sports broadcasting and studio programming.

  • Compatible with 2/3” sensor 4K cameras
  • Focal length 4.3 – 65mm (130mm with 2.0x extender)
  • 15x zoom, 0.3m MOD
  • High-performance digital drive unit
  • Compact, mobile design; weighs approximately 2.19kg


Ergonomic Design; Highly-precise Drive Positioning

The ergonomic design of the grip fits comfortably in the hand, ensuring that zoom and focusing operations are a breeze even when shooting on the shoulder for long hours. The high-performance digital drive unit incorporates a 16-bit absolute encoder, which feedbacks highly detailed information, making it extremely suitable for use with virtual studio systems. Three standard 20-pin connectors ensure that users can access the virtual terminal even in full servo set-up. ​​​​​​​

Air Sphere Coating (ASC)

Special coatings and an internal lens barrel designed to prevent reflection result in minimized ghosting and flaring, allowing users to take high-tonality images with plenty of light passage to support HDR. This is also the first portable broadcast lens to feature ASC, a coating that combines vapor-deposited multi-layer coatings with an ultra-low refractive index outermost layer. This reduces ghosting intensity to enable more authentic HDR shooting.

Outstanding Optical Performance 

Through optimal placement of fluorite, UD and Super UD lenses in a multi-group optical configuration, the CJ15ex4.3B realizes excellent correction of optical phenomena such as color bleeding and chromatic aberration to give outstanding optical performance. In additional, the In-lens correction data is suitable for BT.2020 color gamut ensures color aberration correction, producing excellent image quality which fulfils the requirements of 4K cameras with 2/3” sensors.

Product may not be available in all markets. Please refer to individual country and region websites and respective sales offices for product availability.