4K EFP zoom lens with 274mm maximum focal length and 18x zoom ratio

Compatible with 4K 2/3-inch type cameras, this high-performance 4K ENG lens weighs in at only 1.65kg (IRSE S, main unit only) making it ideal for portable cameras. It retains the practicality and usability of HD lenses even as it provides support for 4K recording. Equipped with an 18x zoom ratio and a built-in 2x extender, it achieves a total zoom range of 7.6mm up to 274mm. The high-performance digital drive unit features a 16-bit absolute value encoder which is capable of accurate position information detection, thus providing a strong advantage for production of CG footage.

  • Focal length 7.6 - 137mm (274mm with extender)
  • 18x zoom; 0.56m MOD
  • Weighs approximately 1.65kg (IRSE S, main unit only)
  • Digital drive unit with 16-bit absolute value encoder


High quality 4K images throughout the entire zoom range

Even with the high zoom magnification, the outstanding optical performance necessary for 4K production is provided over the entire zoom range. Canon's unique optical design makes it possible to achieve 4K resolving power and high contrast from the center of the frame all the way to the peripheries. The use of special, low-dispersion lenses such as fluorite and UD glass are arranged in an optimized layout that effectively minimizes chromatic aberration, which causes color bleeding and color fringing. BT.2020, which sets the color gamut standards for 4K broadcasting, is also supported. It uses correction data that covers a wide color gamut for optimal chromatic aberration correction similar to that on the high-end lens series, enabling excellent color production over the entire screen. Special coatings and anti-reflective mechanisms inside the lens barrel prevent ghosting and flaring, allowing users to obtain clear images with high-tonality, ideal for HDR/WCG.

Full-featured drive unit with on-board information display

Precise focusing and fast, stable zoom speed is possible with the on-board information display of the full-featured digital drive unit. An ergonomically-designed, easy-to-hold grip alleviates strain caused by long hours of shooting. The 16-bit output absolute value recorder eliminates the need for initialization, enabling aberration correction and lens positioning detection from the moment the camera is powered on. The highly-precise 16-bit zoom and focus positioning data supports precise footage production, particularly in the production of virtual footage. Three standard 20-pin connectors ensure that users can access the virtual terminal even in full servo set-up.

Compact and lightweight with built-in 2x extender

The main body of the lens contains the features necessary to support 4K recording, but remains almost as light as a conventional HD lens. Equipped with a built-in 2x extender that provides a wide zoom range, the lens also boasts the durability of a conventional HD lens, ensuring that it has the high performance and mobility required for use in news reporting and documentaries. The drive unit features an ergonomic design that fits the hand well, resulting in an excellent operational feel that reduces the strain on the operator from long hours of mounting the camera on the shoulder.