UHDxs CJ20eX5B

4K “2 in 1” lens that combines both wide and telephoto capabilities

With a wide-angle of 5mm and a class leading 20x magnification, Canon’s new UHDxs CJ20eX5B functions as a broadcast wide angle lens with mid-range zoom capabilities. Opening up new creative possibilities for handheld, Steadicam and robotic applications, the UHDxs CJ20eX5B offers users flexibility in any shooting environment whilst maintaining 4K quality. With flexibility in mind, the UHDxs CJ20eX5B also incorporates a 2.0x extender, giving the option of additional reach if the users need it.

  • 5mm-100mm
  • M.O.D: 0.4m
  • 2.0x Extender + Virtual Output Connector

“2 in 1” lens that offers unparalleled flexibility

By combining a wide (5mm) and short telephoto (100m) range, the UHDxs CJ20eX5B gives new options for framing coverage.

This flexibility allows for the lens to be deployed in many different camera positions be it a handheld front camera position or even placed on a jib.

3 x Standard 20-pin Connectors Virtual Ports

With the drive unit incorporating three Canon-standard 20-pin connectors, a virtual system can be integrated with full servo setups comprising of zoom and focus demands without any compromise.

Virtual Integration

Utilizing Canon’s high resolution 16 bit encoder, the UHDxs CJ20eX5B can be easily and precisely integrated into existing virtual systems. This allows Canon’s broadcast lenses to fulfil high end, virtual requirements that are in all high end sports broadcasting programs.

Drive Unit LCD

In line with Canon’s emphasis on operator comfort and efficiency, each drive unit is equipped with a backlit LCD, allowing for settings to be performed effortlessly in the field even in difficult conditions.

Such conveniences greatly contribute to productivity in the field alongside time savings, allowing the operator to shoot faster and better.

4K HDR Image Quality

Suitable for 4K HDR productions, the UHDxs CJ20eX5B fulfills technical requirements for 4K HDR production, delivering high image quality in a small package.

Combining high sharpness and suppression of lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations, the UHDxs CJ20eX5B promises to deliver stellar results for high end 4K HDR productions.

Product may not be available in all markets. Please refer to individual country and region websites and respective sales offices for product availability.