Portable 4K broadcast lens ideal for handheld coverage events, documentaries, news and all forms of EFP origination

The CJ20ex7.8B delivers superior color reproducibility for outstanding expressive power, with the lens contributing to the creation of compelling video brimming with realism. The built-in 2x extender increases the lens’s focal range by two fold while maintaining 4K superior optical performance.


20x Zoom Ratio with Exceptional Image Quality

CJ20ex7.8B portable-type broadcast zoom lens, which offers a 20x zoom ratio with a focal-length range from 7.8mm to 156mm and supports use with 4K broadcast cameras employing 2/3-inch sensors. The new lens, featuring a compact, lightweight body design, makes possible the creation of high-resolution.

Applicability and Ease of Operation Ideally Suited to 4K Shooting

Since the lens achieves the zoom ratio, long focal length and size as well as the servo speed and stability required for the telecasting of live sports events and other applications, it ensures the applicability and ease of operation ideally suited to 4K shooting.

Achieves 4K Optical Performance Even When Using the Built-in 2x Extender and Image Stabilizer

Thanks to the precision of its high-grade components and assembly, the lens achieves high 4K camera-compatible even when the built-in 2x extender has been engaged. Also featured is an optical shift-type image stabilizing mechanism of Canon's highest grade, helping to ensure the image-stabilizing performance commensurate with 4K.