CR-190i II / CR-190i II UV

Rapid & reliable scanning in a compact body

This high-speed digital cheque scanner boasts of superb MICR OCR capabilities in a sleek exterior. It reads the MICR line with remarkable precision, while reading the data simultaneously with OCR software.

  • Feed capacity: 250 sheets
  • Scanning speed: up to 190 cheques per min
  • UV scanning function
  • 3 sorting pockets


High speed cheque scanning

Fast is the most appropriate way to describe this cheque reader. Capable of scanning at speeds of 190 cheques a minute, it will be a breeze to pare down your cheque pile, increasing your productivity.

Smooth document feeding

Designed for high volume output, handling loads up to 250 cheques at one time. With a document feeder that is intended to handle batch scanning smoothly and reliably, jam-free scanning is ensured. Users can also adjust the feed mechanism to accommodate different thickness of cheques.

Precise MICR reading

Accuracy is paramount in the cheque scanner domain. This mighty scanner reads the MICR line with a high precision Canon magnetic reader, ensuring cheque information is not compromised. It can also read simultaneously with OCR software.

Built-in 4 line imprinter

4 lines of endorsement information can be printed on the back of cheques as they pass through the scanner. Maximum character length is 48 characters

UV Scanning function

The CR-190i II UV is newly equipped with UV sensors, which can scan anti-fraud patterns that are printed on checks with UV ink. It allows two images to be captured together, a black-and-white or grayscale image.

The CR-190i II UV is effective for check-fraud detection while maintaining the check processing efficiency established on the CR-190i II.