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The Future of Work in the Age of AI

13 Oct 2023
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AI is transforming the future of work. Are you ready to embrace the coming change? Join us in our informative masterclass webinar and explore new possibilities with experts from Capgemini and Canon. 


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Businesses face a multitude of challenges, from setting up operations to expanding into new geographies to re-inventing business models. At Canon, we are committed to helping companies streamline processes, and simplify the complex world of business with smart technologies.

The Masterclass webinar series which started in 2021 is an ongoing event that brings together tech experts and industry leaders to discuss how different technologies can simplify and transform businesses. The webinar series explores information management, process automation, imaging, and analytics solutions that empower businesses to be resilient, productive, and ready for the digital future.

Join us for Masterclass 2023: The Future of Work in the Age of AI, and learn from tech experts and industry leaders as they share how AI will transform the future of work.


Frank T. Windoloski

Executive Vice President

Capgemini Asia Pacific

Grace Cao

Regional Product Marketing

Canon Singapore

Ivan Ho

Regional Solutions Architect

Canon Singapore

As AI continues to rapidly evolve and permeate various industries, it has become imperative for us to understand how it will shape the future of work. In this webinar, we will discuss on key topics such as:

Transformative Journey of Generative AI

  • Generative AI’s Potential for Businesses
  • Positive Impacts of Generative AI
  • How Businesses Can Use Generative AI to their Advantage

AI Powered Automation & Collaboration

  • Market Trends & Current Challenges
  • Information & Workflow Management
  • Collaboration & Connectivity

Sustainability through Workspace AI

  • Reimagining Workspace with AI Analytics
  • Types of Analytics
  • Risk of Implementing AI Analytics & Ways to Approach It