Filter Tread Size (Hood/Lens Barrel) 105mm P1/94mm P1
Information Display
Size (W x H x L) 164.6×109.1×221.4mm
Weight (IRSE/IASE): 1.78kg (3.92lbs) / 1.86kg (4.10lbs)


Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer -
Image side 2/3"

Magnification & Lens

Angular field of view (with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio(8.8x6.6mm):
60.8°×47.5° at 7.5mm
2.8°×2.1° at 180mm
32.7°×24.8° at 15.0mm
1.4°×1.1° at 360mm

16:9 Aspect Ratio(9.6x5.4mm):
65.2°×39.6° at 7.5mm
3.1°×1.7° at 180mm
35.5°×20.4° at 15.0mm
1.5°×0.9° at 360mm
Built-in Extender 2.0×
Image Side 2/3"
M.O.D from Image Plane 1.07m
Maximum Relative Aperture (with extender) 1:1.8 at 7.5-120mm
1:2.7 at 180mm
1:3.6 at 15.0-240mm
1:5.4 at 360mm
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) from lens front 0.80m (10mm with Macro)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 4:3 Aspect Ratio(8.8x6.6mm):
88.3×66.2cm at 7.5mm
3.8×2.9cm at 180mm
44.2×33.1cm at 15.0mm
1.9×1.4cm at 360mm

16:9 Aspect Ratio(9.6x5.4mm):
96.0×54.0cm at 7.5mm
4.1×2.3cm at 180mm
48.0×27.0cm at 15.0mm
2.1×1.2cm at 360mm
Range of Focal Length (with Extender) 7.5-180mm15-360mm
Zoom Ratio 24×