12MP CMOS Sensor

LI7030SA is a CMOS type solid-state imaging sensor having a size equivalent to 1 inch, and 3.2μm square pixels, 16mm Diagonal 12MP, 154pin LGA.

  • 12MP CMOS Sensor
  • 3.2μm Square Pixel
  • 4K2K video at 60fps (10bit)



  • 4K3K video at 24 fps (12bit)
  • 4K2K video at 60 fps (10bit)
  • HD720p video at 120 fps (10bit)

Several Operating modes allow more flexibility to deploy user applications.

Wide Dynamic Range/Low Noise

The sensor has Canon's low-noise technology with delivering high-quality imaging. This delivers wide dynamic range and achieved excellent imaging characteristics at low illuminance.


  • Streaming Camera
  • Video Industry
  • Surveillance

Functional Block Diagram

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