PRISMAelevate XL

Simplify the design and production of textured prints

Easy-to-use software application that enables Large Format Graphics designers and Print Service Providers (PSPs) to create tactile print applications and produce outstanding-quality elevated prints up to 2 mm.

  • Textured printing: up to 2 mm
  • Integrated solution from design to print
  • Easy-to-use plugins in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for highly accurate 3D design of elevated print projects
  • Intelligent layering using patented Advanced Layer Printing System (ALPS) technology


Unique Elevated Prints

Create added value print applications that stand out and add exciting tactile elements that mimic textured surfaces, embossing, metallic accents and raised lettering.

Clear Conceptualisation

Exceptionally easy file creation via a highly accurate 3D previews of dimensional effects. With easy-to-use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator plugins that allows for highly accurate 3D design of elevated print projects without the need for extensive training.

Intelligent Layering

Patented Advanced Layer Printing System (ALPS) technology enables to print intelligent layers of ink and create unique high resolution colour print applications with stunning tactile elements.

Innovative Ink Technology

Advanced 3rd-generation VariaDot printing technology gives consistent, outstanding colour for excellent tonality and subtle, accurate elevation from the first to the last print.

Durable End Product

Sustainably printed as additional finishing steps can be eliminated. Resulting in less waste and higher production efficiency, printed first-time-right.

Workflow Solution

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Large Format Graphics Print Software

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Introducing PRISMAelevate XL