First time right design and workflow software application

Do it smarter with PRISMAguide XL. Save time in preparing complex, multi-layered projects and save money with reject-free printing via its self-learning capacity. The intuitive software stores the print-ready file, enabling similar future jobs to be prepared more quickly and easily time after time, for long-term production efficiencies. Eliminate errors, reprints, and waste with this pre-press software optimization, for long-term production efficiencies.

  • Intuitive prepress software
  • Easy-to-use plugins in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for design and preview multi-layered print jobs
  • Automate and simplify with easy recipes and hot-folders
  • Smart Sampling
  • Intelligent nesting of odd-shaped files


Save Time and Money

Design and preview multi-layered and double-sided print jobs using predefined PRISMAguide XL recipes for ready-made solutions. Work smarter and save time and money in prepress by printing first time right.

Increase Efficiency

Automate prepress tasks and speed up jobs by reusing proven recipes. Reduce job preparation time: PRISMAguide XL delivers printable data directly to the print queue of your Arizona and Colorado printer. Create patterns for a variety of print applications, using simple step & repeat functionality.

New Business Opportunities

Diversify your business by creating higher-value graphical print applications and produce high-quality samples to attract new customers and projects.

Available with Arizona and Colorado Series

Colorado 1630, Colorado 1650, Colorado M-series, UVgel Wallpaper Factory, Arizona 135 GT, Arizona 1200 series, Arizona 1300 series, Arizona 2200 series, Arizona 2300 series, Arizona 6100 series, Arizona 6100 Mark II series.

Available with ONYX Thrive

The integration with ONYX Thrive offers a scalable solution for workflow automation, giving you fast file rotation and enhanced consistency across printers.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Plugins

Easy-to-use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator plugins help designers build and preview print designs using pre-defined application recipes.