Designed for ease of use with multiple useful modes, versatile and compact

One-touch smooth operation for accurate, automatic measurement of both eyes.

  • Easy Operation with Large LCD Monitor
  • Flexible Examination Layout
  • Multiple Measurement Modes


RK-F3m_Easy Operation with Large LCD Monitor

Easy Operation with Large LCD Monitor

10.4-inch touch panel colour LCD provides easy viewing of alignment and measurement results, making measurements a breeze.

RK-F3m Flexible Examination Layout_570

Flexible Examination Layout

Tilt and rotatable LCD monitor, allowing flexibility in operation suitable for multiple examination layouts.

RK-F3m Multiple Measurement Modes_570

Multiple Measurement Modes

  • Improved verification of refractive power and accommodation mode.
  • Retroillumination mode with auto gain.
  • Wide range of available VD values.