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    When it comes to business solutions, I believe every company should be focusing on these aspects - ease of use, customer service, and price. That is where Canon has exceeded our expectations.

    Mr. Rajesh Kumar
    Director of IT & Innovation
    Singapore Swimming Club


    The Challenge

    • Growing numbers in member database
    • Inefficient processes in weekly manual filing
    • Difficulty in searching for and retrieving files manually

    The Solution

    • Therefore™ Document Management Solution

    The Results

    • Reduced man-hours
    • Greater ease of information storage and searching
    • Increased data security

    Business Overview

    Founded in 1894, Singapore Swimming Club is now perched along the luscious greens of Tanjong Rhu. The premier members-only recreational club spans over 27,000 square meters and includes a variety of sporting facilities, such as two Olympic-sized pools, tennis courts, squash courts and badminton courts. Singapore Swimming Club also prides themselves as a family oriented club, organising recreational and social activities suitable for members of all ages on a regular basis.

    The Challenge

    Growing Membership, Growing Demands
    With ever-growing membership, Singapore Swimming Club needed to look for more efficient methods to accommodate their database. Thousands of members' documents were manually filed and stored in a storage facility away from the office, making file retrieval and movement tracking tedious with some files accumulating to over 300 pages. 

    "The overarching problem was the time wasted in daily processes, whenever we had to access our members' records." Mr. Ken Lim, the Senior Manager of Membership, puts it succinctly.

    The Solution

    Canon Introduces Therefore™
    Addressing Singapore Swimming Club's concerns, Canon Singapore swiftly proposed the intelligent Document Management Solution, Therefore™, in which information from different sources can be filed electronically under one single database. 

    Its Full-Text Search feature provides further convenience when searching for specific information; Mr. Lim shared one such instance of its function, "If a member breaks a club rule and we want to check for prior violations, we can now just search with keywords rather than flip through hundreds of files, significantly saving us time." 

    When asked to quantify the time saved from implementing Therefore™, Mr. Lim estimated approximately a reduction of five man-hours per week of routine filing and maintenance.

    The Results

    Adaptation From Manual To Digital
    Any shift in operations would be met with initial cynicism, but the solution's user-friendliness helped with the transition immensely. According to Mr. Lim, part-timers and new employees needed just one or two days to get accustomed to working in a more digitised workplace. 

    Director of IT & Innovation, Mr. Rajesh Kumar chimed in at this point, "An important factor we considered before choosing our document management solution was the after-sales support provided to customers. Problems like reaching maximum storage capacity were dealt with by Canon immediately, which is something we have always appreciated about Canon's customer service." 

    As with many digital processes, data security is always a pressing concern. Mr. Lim reiterated the need for information security for Singapore Swimming Club, having thousands of their members' credentials on hand. Therefore™ comes equipped with security features allowing access control, giving staff members limited access to only required documents. 

    Mr. Kumar expressed his satisfaction towards the benefits that Therefore™ has brought to Singapore Swimming Club. "When it comes to business solutions, I believe every company should be focusing on these aspects - ease of use, customer service, and price. That is where Canon has exceeded our expectations."

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