Quick, speedy one-touch intraocular pressure measurement

The world over, eye care professionals rely on Canon devices to detect and monitor eye care disorders such as glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Now, Canon is measuring intraocular pressure (lOP) and central corneal thickness (CCT) in both eyes with one instrument – the new TX-20P. This device combines a fully automatic non-contact tonometer and pachymeter in a compact-in-size, lightweight body with a tiltable LCD monitor and one-touch measurement for overall improved usability and processing speed.

  • In a compact body, a variety of new features
  • A full auto non-contact tonometer combined with pachymeter


3-D Auto Alignment

Position using the motorized joystick, and push the Measurement Start button to begin acquiring lOP and CCT readings and images. In Full Auto mode, just one push of the Measurement Start button quickly and easily acquires both right and left eye intraocular pressure (lOP) measurements and automatically prints out the results. In addition to Full Auto measurement mode, Auto & Manual modes are also available as needed.

Simplified and speedy pachymetry

The TX-20P's added pachymeter scatters light by the cornea to obtain optical sectional images for CCT measurements. Using these measurements, automatically calculate the lOP compensated value to reduce underestimation for Lasik cases and overestimation for high lOP cases due to thick cornea. Quickly and easily print out your results through the front-loaded printer with auto cutter.

New design pursuing comfort

Full Auto, with its simple operation, can be used to smoothly obtain measurements from the first time. Also, the colour LCD viewing monitor tilts to be viewable by the examiner even while standing, further simplifying testing.

Lightweight & compact, with low power consumption

With a body weight of only 15kg, the device is light and easily transportable. The compact size allows for versatile placement where best appropriate. Also, TX-20P has low power consumption, adding to its all-around convenience.