varioPRINT 6000 TITAN

Imaging technology Gemini Instant Duplex technology
Speed varioPRINT 6330*
  • 328 A4 prints per minute
  • 171 A3 prints per minute

varioPRINT 6270
  • 272 A4 prints per minute
  • 146 A3 prints per minute

varioPRINT 6220
  • 221 A4 prints per minute
  • 118 A3 prints per minute

varioPRINT 6180
  • 182 A4 prints per minute
  • 97 A3 prints per minute

Note: Print speed can also be influenced by the paper quality setting
Maximum Monthly Print Volume (A4) varioPRINT 6330*
1,000,000 – 10,000,000

varioPRINT 6270
750,000 – 8,000,000

varioPRINT 6220
500,000 – 5,000,000

varioPRINT 6180
300,000 – 2,500,000
Job management DocBox, Queue and History, Waiting Room
Print resolution 600x600 dpi or 600x1200 dpi, 180lpi
Registration tolerance Maximum < 0.3 mm
Maximum printable area Long edge: maximum 486 mm
Short edge: maximum 318 mm
Processor Core™ i5-8500
Memory 1 x 8 GB DDR4-2400
Hard disk 1 x 500 GB, 1 x 1 TB
Operating Panel Intuitive 15" high resolution touch screen user interface
Network connectivity 10/100/1000 MB, 2x 1GB Ethernet network ports
Network protocols TCP/IP (LPR/LPD, socket), SMB static/auto IP (via DHCP) SNMP v1-v3 (printer MIB, private MIB, Job monitoring MIB), IPP
Operating system Microsoft® Windows 10®
Supported Page Description Languages (PDL) APPE (Adobe® PDF Print Engine)
  • Adobe® PostScript® 3TM / streaming PostScript®
  • PPML/GA Level 1
  • PPML versions 1.5,2.1 and 2.2
PDF 1.7
Xerox® PPP support
Print from USB PDF, PS, PCL, XPS via USB connection on operator panel
Security E-shredding, HTTPs, Firewall, PIN for Doc Box, User authentication to SDS, IPv6, software protection license (integrity checker), user authentication per user role: key operator, system administrator and service representative
Features Print while RIP, Streaming, Multi-job processing, Pre-RIP, no cycle-down between jobs, web-based configuration with Settings Editor, Remote meter reading, Remote Diagnostics, Remote software upgrade, Remote Monitor, Remote Manager
Controller hardware optionals Generic USB mouse support
CCD interface; Copy Control Device interface for pre-paid accounting Included: Operator attention light; giving visual status signals of the printer
PRISMAaccess, PRISMAprepare, PRISMAspool, PRISMAproduction, PRISMAdirect, VPconvert V7, PRISMAaudit, GMC PrintNet, InfoPrintManager AIX, Xerox FreeFlow Makeready v7 (and higher), EFI Fiery Central 1.8.2, Kodak Smartboard V5
Paper Input Standard

Paper module with 4 paper trays
(2 x 1700 sheets + 2 x 600 sheets)

Second and third paper module
Maximum paper capacity 24,000 A4 sheets from 4 standard and 8 optional paper trays (80 gsm media)
Dual paper tray option to increase A4 paper input capacity
Paper weight 45 - 50 gsm with the optional light-weight media module
50 - 300 gsm for Canon recommended media
60 - 200 gsm for other media
Coated media 120 - 200 gsm: standard,
80 - 120 / 200 - 250 gsm: only for approved media
Paper size 203 x 203 mm - 350 x 500 mm;
Statement (178 x 254 mm)**
Description Standard paper input module which is minimally required to make a configuration. With double sheet detection, air separation with vacuum feed and pre-separation technologies.
Paper Trays 2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1,700 sheets (80 gsm)
Standard paper capacity 4,600 sheets
Paper size 203 x 203 mm - 488 x 320 mm;
Statement (178 x 254 mm)**
Dimensions (WxDxH) 945 x 716 x 1150 mm
Weight 216 kg
Description Next to the standard paper module, two extra paper modules can be included. With air separation with vacuum feed and pre-separation technologies.
Paper Trays 2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1700 sheets (80 gsm) per paper module
Maximum paper capacity 16,000 sheets (sum of 2 paper modules with dual paper tray)
Paper size 203 x 203 mm - 488 x 320 mm;
Statement (178 x 254 mm)**
Dimensions (WxDxH) 945 x 716 x 1150 mm
Weight 216 kg
Description Flexible paper input module that can also handle 350x500 paper sizes. Can be used as Standard Paper module (as first module after the engine). With double sheet detection, air separation with vacuum feed and pre-separation technologies.
Paper Trays 2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1650 sheets (80 gsm) per paper module
Paper size Upper 2 trays: 203 x 203 mm (LEF) - 488 x 320 mm;
Statement (178 x 254 mm)**
2 bulk trays: 203x208 mm (LEF) - 500 x 350 mm (SEF)
Max paper size 350 x 500 mm in flex-xl trays only (bulk trays)
Min paper size Normal trays: same as Standard Paper module; flex-xl trays 203 x 208 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 945 x 716 x 1150 mm
Weight 216 kg
Description Three high capacity stackers can be included
Stacks Paper size 2 x 3,000 sheets (80 gsm) per stacker.
All paper input sizes and weights are supported
Maximum paper capacity 18,000 sheets (3 stackers)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1153 x 736 x 1150 mm
1153 x 736 x 1910 mm(including set finisher)
Weight 160 kg (290 kg including set finisher)
Features Tab printing, DFD finishing for third-party finishing
Description Optional Staple and stacker finisher in combination with High Capacity Stacker
Output capacity 4,000 sheets (80 gsm, A4)
Stapling capacity 100 sheets (80 gsm)
Paper size 208 x 275 mm - 220 x 306 mm
Stapling Corner stapling, Two-side stapling
Stapling positions Portrait, Landscape, Book
Features Optional 50 sheet staple cartridge and staples (Specially suited for thin documents)
Description Post fuser entity for varioPRINT 6000 MICR TITAN series and optional for varioPRINT 6000 TP TITAN
Dimensions (WxDxH) 750 x 850 x 1200 mm
Weight 178kg
Description Special installation kit for the engine to support the use of media >44 gsm, requires pressurized air, recommended in case of light weight media specialization
Paper size VP6000 standard sizes are supported.
Max media size will be 350 x 500 with Flex-XL PIM
Paper Weight >44 gsm plain paper, grain direction in transport direction
Ozone emissions Ozone emission in running condition (mg/m2): <= 1mg/hr
Sound power level Noise in standby condition: <69 dB(A)
Noise in printing condition: < 84 dB(A)
Power consumption
  • Standby 0,9 KW
  • Sleep mode engine: 32W
  • Sleep mode controller: 44W
  • Off mode: 6w
  • Running:
    VP6180 : 4,0 kW
    VP6220 : 4,3 kW
    VP6270 : 4,4 kW
    VP6330 : 4,9 kW

Print mode controller: 67W
(at 80 g/m2- 20 lb bond paper weight)
Product Safety & Environment RoHS compliance, Cetecom / CE Class A, FCC Class A, UL / TüV / CE, VCCI, China RoHS, CB Report
Other compliances Section 508, De-ink ability certificate, C-tick Australia (sourced locally by CSO/RSHQ)
Items Weight(Kg) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
Print Engine (PE) 775 1439 1072 1225
Paper Input Module (PIM1) 216 945 716 1150
Input Interface Module (IIM) 100 470 720 1150
High Capacity Stacker including finisher (HCS/FIN) 290 1153 736 1910
High Capacity Stacker (HCS) 160 1153 736 1150
Paper Input Module Flex 216 945 716 1150

* not available as MICR version
** with optional statement size support insert
Canon recommends you use Canon Media for the best results.
Please check media (paper) compatibility list to see which variety of paper/media is recommended.
Some images are simulated for clarity of reproduction.
All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods.
Final specifications are subject to change without notice.
™ and ®: All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers in their markets and/or countries