Canon's Video Content Analytics (VCA) for Milestone XProtect®

Connecting analytics with Milestone Video Management System (VMS)

Designed to work with any network cameras running on Milestone VMS, Canon’s VCA plug-ins offer live video-analysis alongside personal data protection compliant.

License ranges from Face Recognition Application (with option of API-enabled Developer License), Crowd People Counter, People Counter + Passer-By Counter and Moving Object Mask for Milestone XProtect®.


Face Recognition Application

Face Recognition Application

  • Seamless profile matching with either Face Mask or Sunglasses on.
  • Control face contrast automatically against strong backlight exposure by using Canon network camera, exclusively.
  • Ability to authenticate a person up to 10 meter away as system detects any individual eye width of 15 pixel​​​​​​​.
Crowd People Counter for MSXP®

Crowd People Counter

  • Supports up to 20MP camera resolution.
  • Area counting up to 65° angle of view and segregated to 4 areas of interest in a single frame.
  • Threshold setting and notification if exceeded the allowed number.​​​​​​​
People Counter for MSXP®

People Counter

  • Graph view allow search of analysis result with click of the mouse to display still images or playback video for more productive searching.
  • Scheduled time to automate human counting for effective bandwidth utilization and storage space.
  • Choice to count people from any live camera stream on MS XProtect® VMS (except XProtect® Essential).​​​​​​​
Passer-By Counter for MSXP®

Passer-By Counter

  • Email notification when exceeded a certain threshold based selection of either “IN” or “OUT” counting, or to prevent a place being overcrowded.
  • Unique faceless and various angle of human detection. ​​​​​​​
Moving Object Mask for MSXP®

Moving Object Mask

  • Embed any moving object with silhouette effect, exclusions up to 8 areas, from triangle to polygonal shape.
  • Different access view with different login rights.
  • Silhouette based user setting preference, from unmasking a certain area to defining base image change by timing. 

Face Recognition Application Introduction and Highlights

Crowd People Counter Introduction and Highlights

People Counter and Passer-by Introduction and Highlights

Moving Object Mask Introduction and Highlights

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