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Canon Business Services

Offering expertise, process and technology, Canon Business Services (CBS) helps organisations, and their employees manage business processes and improve workflow. By enabling better mobility and performance, organisations are better equipped to build long-term customer relationships, continuous innovation, and growth.

Focus on Your Core Business

Canon Business Services is the specialist Document Process Outsourcing and Consultancy arm of Canon. By leveraging on the CBS model for Operations Excellence, we help you solve the challenges within your organisation and optimize opportunities by unifying people, process, and technology – so you can focus on your core business.

Through our current state assessments and alignment with your objectives, CBS will implement the necessary transformation providing agility to your company in these changing times.


Your Benefits

  • Scalable operation to meet changing business demand
  • Industry expertise and best practice
  • Greater visibility - driven and governed by robust Service Level Agreements
  • Better production management and continuous improvement of operational efficiency  

The CBS Approach

The CBS Approach

Canon Business Services provides proactive consultation and support through a proven governance framework. We apply operational best practice of processes, quality management, root cause analysis, and continuous improvement. We deploy experienced domain specialists to work with your project team and oversee the transition of your on-boarding.

Services Offered

Digitisation Services

Organisations globally have transformed into hybrid work models. To ensure business continuity and increase workforce resilience, a robust document digitisation strategy is more crucial than ever before.


  • Streamline and ensure documents are accessible digitally and efficiently
  • Ability to generate insight and take action anytime, anywhere
  • Greater resiliency and agility when faced with disruptions

Upon the digitisation of files, companies will need a secure central repository system for archival purposes. Contact us now for more information on Document Management Solutions.

Document Process Outsourcing

By outsourcing services such as Forms Processing and Data Entry, Claims Processing, and Invoice Processing, mundane and repetitive processes are taken care of by professionals while your employees can focus on turning documents into opportunities. Such opportunities include data that can be turned into business intelligence – a critical enterprise asset for any business.


  • Seamless processes which are traceable and scalable
  • Assured quality scanned images managed by SLA
  • Optimise resources and ensure faster turnaround time

Integrated Services

Canon Business Services delivers value, innovation, and expertise to manage your entire document life cycle to support our customers with a comprehensive end-to-end solution, from inbound to outbound document processes. Canon Business Services processes all inbound documents the moment they arrive in the document centre – the central communication hub of your organisation.


  • Shorten processing time of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Minimise document loss through a well-defined workflow
  • Organisation can focus on growing your core business

Crucial for critical business units that require immediate information anytime, anywhere to support business operations.

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