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CBS Offerings​​​

Canon Business Services (CBS) delivers the expertise, process and technology needed to manage your Document Service Centre.

CBS Service Offerings

CBS Approach towards Managed Services

Managed Services

Canon Business Services provides proactive consultation  and support through a proven governance framework. We apply operational best practice of processes, quality management, root cause analysis, and continuous improvement. We deploy experienced domain specialists to work with your project team and oversee the transition of your on-boarding.

Focus on Your Core Business
CBS is the specialist outsourcing arm of Canon. We help you manage your back office through improved business processes, technology and people – so you can focus on your core business.
Through our initial assessment of your current environment, aligning with your objectives, CBS will implement the necessary transformation providing agility to your company in these competitive times.
Your Benefits
  • Scalable operation to meet changing business demand
  • Industry expertise and best practice
  • Greater visibility- driven and governed by robust Service Level Agreements
  • Better production management and continuous improvement of operational efficiency

Maximise Your Document Service Centre

Having an efficient and effective in-house Document Service Centre enhances a company’s ability to handle business critical information quickly. Canon Business Services is able to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to your organisation.

An effective Document Service Centre brings cost down, and keeps asset utilisation and document management under control.

​Our advanced digital workflow accelerates cycle times and helps improve performance.

Taking Care of Your Information-Intensive Document Life Cycle

Working and living in a metropolitan city where space is an issue, it is still necessary to keep track of paper intensive workflows. Document imaging and conversion can be the answer.

Our imaging services will help streamline paper-intensive business processes, in order to manage them more efficiently, allowing you to have mobility workforce and retrieving the right information in the right time for your decision making.

Managing Your Central Mail Hub

The mail room is an essential central hub of many organisations’ communications channel. Timely, accurate and efficient distribution of all inbound and outbound correspondence is essential. Mail room operations, however, can be complex and labour intensive and still extremely manual. These are some of the areas we can help you improve, talk to us today.