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Our Range of Network Visual Solutions Products


Smart Workspace Solutions

Canon's Smart Workspace Solution utilises advanced face recognition for streamlined visitor registration, integrated print management, and efficient door access. Leveraging surveillance and IoT data analytics optimises workplace efficiency. Upgrade to a Smart Office of the Future today. 


Ranging from Facial Recognition to People Counting and masking capability which designed to work with any network cameras running on Milestone Systems’ open platform VMS, offer greater video-analysis efficiency.

Remote Camera

Remote Camera

Canon’s first "4K PTZ Remote Cameras" targets shooting and distribution of excellent high definition quality videos, standard equipped with wide angle and high magnification zoom lens, answering to new era requirement of One-Person operation.

Fixed Dome Network Cameras

Up to 350° non-intruding angle monitoring , great selection from indoor to outdoor usage.

Fixed Box Network Cameras

Harsh an visible outdoor usage mostly back lanes, blind spots etc; with an addition layer of hydrophilic coating to eliminate water stain built-up.

Compact Series

An award winning design being one of the world smallest PTZ, which seamlessly fits into any office interior.



Canon's PTZ surveillance cameras boast advanced technology for comprehensive monitoring and security. With pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, they ensure thorough coverage and clear imagery for effective surveillance.

Multi-Purpose Cameras

Flexibility to interchange with any Canon lens. Outperformed in low light situation and work with any ONVIF compliant Video Management Software.