Vacuum Components - Canon South & Southeast Asia

Vacuum Pumps

Canon Anelva provides a variety of pumps, including world's highest energy efficient cryopumps, ion pumps and titanium sublimation pumps, for low vacuum to ultra-high vacuum applications.

  • Roots Type MU Series for Light Process
  • Roots Type Dry Pump MU100N/300
  • Foreline Trap
  • POWER Eco Series Cryo Pump
  • POWER Series Cryo Pump
  • Combination Pump
  • Ion Pump/Noble Pump
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Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Canon Anelva offers several models of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers, each tailored for specific applications, such as residual gas monitoring, process gas analysis, and high-speed mass measurement.

They are widely used in analysis of gases in thin film processing equipment, furnaces and accelerators.

  • Process Gas Monitor M-080QA-HPM
  • Compact Gas Analysis System D Series M-101/201/400GA-D Series
  • High-speed/High-sensitivity Measurement M-401QA-MU/G
  • Transducer Type M-070QA-TDF, M-101QA-TDF, M-101/201QA-TDM
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Vacuum Gauges

Canon offers a variety of gauges, such as Capacitance Diaphragm, Pirani and Crystal Ion gauges. These products are capable of handling a wide range of atmospheric pressure down to 10-8 Pa. They are ideally suited for all types of industries, such as semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing.

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Helium Leak Detectors (HELEN Series)

The HELEN series consists of compact, light-weight, portable design helium leak detectors, capable of detecting a wide range of leaks with a leak-rate from 10-13 Pa•m3/s to 10-3 Pa•m3/s.

We have several models, such as a compact version for use in the field, high power model for large vacuum systems, dry model for use in clean-rooms and sniffers for use in leak testing gas supply systems, automotive parts, food packages, etc.

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Piping Parts/Ancillary Materials

Canon Anelva produces a range of essential piping parts and ancillary materials for vacuum systems used in thin film manufacturing, research laboratories, and industrial applications.

  1. Ultra-High Vacuum Flange
  2. Ultra-High Vacuum Viewing Port
  3. Vacuum Switch
  4. Quick-release Coupling
  5. Connecting Components with ICF (Fitting/Adaptor)
  6. Sheathed Heater
  7. Moly Paste 500
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Canon Anelva offers a range of vacuum valves designed for various applications within vacuum systems. They are essential components in maintaining optimal pressure conditions, ensuring efficient vacuum processes.

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Feed Throughs

Canon Anelva produces a variety of feed throughs that are essential components in vacuum systems.

  • Linear Feedthrough (Bellows Type)
  • Rotary Feedthrough (Magnetic Coupling Type, Bellows Type)
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X-ray Source

Canon Anelva offers advanced X-ray sources for industrial non-destructive inspection. They are essential tools for quality control, material analysis, and defect detection in various industries.

  • Microfocus X-ray Source G-311 Series
  • Microfocus X-ray Source G-511 Series
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