The XA30 is a compact Full HD camcorder ideal for professional use. With its 20x optical zoom and a wide 26.8m* maximum angle-of-view, it is a powerful companion for filming news, documentary, and other on-location footage, regardless of the shooting conditions. It uses the newly developed HD CMOS PRO sensor, which realizes an improved S/N ratio for enhanced shooting in low light conditions. In addition, two new recording modes, Wide DR and Highlight Priority, enable an even wider range of imaging possibilities.

  • Powerful Intelligent IS image stabilizing system—perfect for shooting on the go
  • Improved Canon HD Video Lens (20x zoom, 26.8mm – 576mm*, f/1.8 – 2.8)
  • Improved Canon HD CMOS PRO Sensor


New HD CMOS PRO sensor with enhanced low light capabilities

A sensor’s signal-to-noise ratio is indicative of the quality of its electronic signals. On the new HD CMOS PRO sensor used in this camcorder, this ratio has been improved by 3dB. Used in combination with the DIGIC DV4 image processor, which has powerful noise processing capabilities, overall noise is reduced by over 40% compared to previous models (XA25, XA20). This means higher quality image capture, even for footage shot in low light.

Highlight Priority and Wide DR Gamma modes integrated

Two new gamma recording modes, “Highlight Priority” and “Wide DR”, have been included. The Highlight Priority mode helps to suppress white blowout (loss of information due to overexposure) by capturing more image data in the mid-to high-brightness range, so that clouds in the sky look more three dimensional and metallic objects are rendered more realistically and in-detail. Meanwhile, the Wide DR mode achieves an expanded, wide dynamic range of 600% so that subtle colour gradations are well captured even for high brightness areas.

Canon lens with 20x optical zoom and Intelligent IS—Great for on-location shoots

The camcorder uses a 20x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 26.8mm at the wide-angle end and 576m at the telephoto end*. With extremely wide apertures (ranging from f/1.8 – f/2.9) throughout the entire zoom range, it can perform well under various kinds of shooting and lighting conditions. The powerful Intelligent IS automatically changes IS modes to suit the shooting scene. It also performs image stabilization on 5 axes, correcting the effects of camera shake not only during telephoto shooting, but also for macro-shots and shooting while on the move.

* 35mm film-equivalent focal lengths.